The NYC Feminist Film Week at Anthology Film Archives is an annual non-profit film series committed to increasing the visibility of women, trans and gender non-conforming filmmakers, visual artists and media practitioners. Our program aims to foster critical dialogue among moving image practitioners and the general public, using intersectional queer/trans/feminist approaches to interrogate cultural constructions of gender, sexuality, race, class, age and dis/ability.

Organized around the ongoing theme of feminist genealogies, the series asks the following questions: What might a feminist genealogy of the moving image look like in its ethics and aesthetics? How do feminist film & media practices function as forms of political and critical intervention? What strategies do they employ to unsettle and dismantle racism, heterosexism, transphobia, classism, and stigmas around sexuality, illness and dis/ability? And how do feminist film & media practitioners articulate queer, trans, POC, working class, immigrant, dis/abled, neurodivergent and other marginalized experiences and identities?

Inspired by international feminist film festivals like Cineffable and the London Feminist Film Week, the NYC Feminist Film Week focuses on the social and material aspects of feminist film & media within specific historical and geographical contexts while also creating connections among films, filmmakers, communities, and audiences across space and time.